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School of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is the bridge between chemistry and the real world outside the laboratory. Chemical engineers design and optimize chemical reactions in industrial scales in order to manufacture various products in a safe, sustainable and economically viable manner.

Chemical Engineering at the University of Tehran is the oldest program in the nation, established in 1941. The School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Tehran enjoys a reputation for excellence in education and research, regularly topping national charts.

In undergraduate level, in addition to a traditional chemical engineering program, students may choose polymer engineering and petroleum engineering. The school of chemical engineering offers several Master's and PhD level degrees including process design, environmental engineering, gas process and transportation, biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical engineering, polymer engineering, drilling engineering, production engineering, and hydrocarbon reservoirs.  

The faculty and students of the school of chemical engineering engage in an integrated research and educational environment in more than 40 well-equipped laboratories. The school is also home to the fully open access, semiannual Journal of Chemical and petroleum Engineering. The UNESCO Chair on Water Reuse was established in the school of chemical engineering in 2013 to promote domestic and international cooperation in this subject.