Head of Center of Excellence


Prof. Reza Zarghami

College of Engineering / School of Chemical Engineering


Email: rzarghami@ut.ac.ir


Center of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Processes


The Center of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Processes was created to apply advanced technologies in the design of the pharmaceutical process. This center considers the theoretical and practical aspects of design, which include the design of process units, the design of various lines for the preparation, processing, control and packaging of pharmaceutical materials, as well as the design of manufacturing plants in the pharmaceutical industry.

In this regard, to scientifically strengthen the country's pharmaceutical industry, the Center was formed with the following objectives:

  • Conducting basic and applied research for technology development and production of novel drugs,
  • Advanced method on modlling and optimization of the batch/continuous pharmaceutical processes,
  • Upgrading national capabilities in the field of production of intermediates and active pharmaceutical substances,
  • Advanced research on novel drug delivery systems,
  • Research on the new perspective of the process analytical technology (PAT)
  • Research on environmental effects of production of the new active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Biomaterials (enzyme and biocatalysts, …) with a drug delivery and diagnosis approach,
  • Tissue engineering (bioinspired soft robot, bioprinter, …) with a drug delivery and diagnosis approach,
  • Biosensors and biosignal engineering in drug delivery and diagnosis
  • Modeling and simulation of pharmaceutical systems


  1. ‪Dr. Hossein Abolghasemi
  2. Dr. Ghassem Amoabediny
  3. Dr. Ismaeil Haririan
  4. Dr. Seyed Hassan Jafari
  5. Dr. Babak Kaffashi
  6. Dr. Mohammadreza Mehrnia
  7. Dr. Mohammad Hossein Sarrafzadeh
  8. Dr. Alireza Vatanara
  9. Dr. Reza Zarghami

Head of Center of Excellence:

Dr. Reza Zarghami